Throughout the day the nursery offers a variety of activities on a ‘free play, self selection’  basis and this applies either indoors or outdoors and according to each child’s individual preference.


Children are actively encouraged to look after nursery toys and to help tidy up;

‘What we play, we pack away!’


Staff also encouraged those children who are potty trained to independently use the toilet & wash their hands.



           7.30                                     Nursery Opens / Breakfast Club

           8.30                                     Walk to Methwold Primary School


           9-12                                     Morning Session                                                                                                                                       

           12– 12.30                            HOT LUNCH & DESSERT

                                                       Please Note:  You may provide a packed lunch but we request

                                                                      that you respect our 'No Nut Policy' and would also ask you                                                                                                to provide healthy food as opposed to crisps and sweets                                                                                                                                                                                 

           1-4                                       Afternoon Session

           3.00                                     Methwold Primary School Collection


           4.00—4.30                          AFTERNOON TEA

                                                       Generally we do not provide a hot cooked tea as most parent/

                                                                      Carers like to have an evening meal with their child at home.


           5.30                                     Nursery Closes


Snacks are available twice a day at a cost of £1 per week or you can provide your own snacks.       Children are always encouraged to wash their hands before and after eating, and to clean their teeth after lunch.  All children are encouraged to drink fresh water throughout the day.





Two year old eating and sleep patterns will be  followed  according to individual parents/carers        instructions, as will,  routines for potty training, use of dummies, comforters etc.


In the event you do not have time to chat with your child’s Key Person at the beginning or end of the day you will be given a ‘communications diary’ which will record your child’s eating, sleeping, toilet and play activities throughout the day.    It is also a diary for you to record any concerns you may have and can serve as a reminder for you to pass on information in case you are in a rush when you drop off your child.  Having said that, all our staff are warm and friendly and Parent/Carers enjoy the personal attention they receive when dropping off or collecting their child.  This can be put in place at your    request.



Please note:  Should your child be sick or have diarrhoea,  in order to avoid the spread of infection the Health Executive Agency recommendations you keep your child away from the nursery premises for a

minimum of 48 hours from the last sickness or bowl movement.