Registration Fee                          £45.00          (This fee covers administration costs and is non re-fundable and                                                                   only applies if your child en-rolls the term before they are entitled to funding)


Full Day Concession                  £45.00

                                                       Full Day includes breakfast, lunch and tea and is for a  minimum of 9 hours.


                                                       The nursery is happy to fit in with your schedule and is flexible re times you                                                                        bring your child into nursery: for example 7.30 am to 4 pm or 8 am to 5pm                                                                          or 9pm to 5.30pm etc.


Hourly Rate                                   £4.50 per hour

                                                       Minimum booking  2 x 3 hour sessions (6 hours per child per week         )


Half hour                                       £3.00  or part thereof                            


Hot Lunch                                     £3.20 (parents may provide a packed lunch; no chocolate or nuts please)                                                              

Tea                                                 £1.80 (as above)


Snacks                                          £1.00 per week


Funded Hours                             Funded hours available for 2 year olds subject to Eligibility

                                                       Please call 0344 800 8020 to see if you meet the criteria


                                                       Norfolk County Council currently offer funded hours over 3                                                                                                  terms for all children aged 3 and 4 years old.  Term dates are:


                                                       Autumn:                  1st September—31st December

                                                       Spring:                     1st January—31st March

                                                       Summer:                  1st April—31st August


                                                       You may book a minimum  2 x 3  funded hours per week (Methwold Nursery

                                                       School Terms) or a maximum of 15 hours per week over 38 weeks in

                                                       conjunction with Primary School dates. 

                                                       You may split your funded hours between two Nurseries only



Out of School Club/s                                                                         Per Hour/ half hour; prices as above

Walk to School Methwold Primary School                                    £2.90

Collection from School Methwold Primary School                    £2.90



                      Milk is provided daily for all children FREE OF CHARGE


Late Collection Fine:                  Management will always take each circumstance into consideration.

                                                       However, if a parent/carer is continuously late then we will implement a

      late collection fine which is £1.00 per minute after 5.30pm

  Methwold Nursery School Ltd

Price List 



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