If you decide to book your child into Nursery we would suggest that initially you bring him or her in for  a couple of free trial visits and we would request that you to stay with your child to help them feel    secure and confident in their new surroundings.  Some children settle immediately, others may take a little longer and we are happy to accommodate your child’s needs accordingly.  


We will provide you with a ‘Starter Pack’ which includes a form called ‘About Me’,  this form gives you the opportunity to provide us with personal (rather than formal) information that will help us to settle your child into the Nursery.  This information, helps staff to start forming a positive relationship with your child by talking about their pets, siblings or things they like doing.  The starter pack will also detail staff members and their qualifications along with information about what you will need to provide for your child when they start nursery.


Your child’s wellbeing  is our priority and it is vital that both you and your child feel comfortable when you come into Nursery.   We actively encourage you to discuss any concerns you may have or any particular routine/s to ensure a smooth transition into nursery life. 


If your child is particularly shy and does not take well to change or new people, we would be happy for our Manager to arrange a home visit with you and your child.  This should help to make your child feel more secure if they know someone when they eventually come to visit the nursery.





The EYFS has been specifically developed  to ensure that all children attending nursery throughout the U.K. are given equal opportunity to learn and grow as individuals enabling them to flourish with       independence and confidence in preparation for Primary School.


We operate a ‘Memories Folder’ system which records your child’s time and progress at nursery.     Parent/carers are encouraged to share and  contribute to the folder, provide memento’s from special family trips, for example an entrance ticket to the Zoo or a post card from the seaside you have visited, or perhaps photos of your pets and family; really anything that can show your child’s home and social life away from the nursery. 


The memories folder is designed to be fun, yet informative.  Your Key Person is a qualified Nursery Practitioner who will liaise with you about your child’s development.   We operate a PLOD system (Possible Lines of Development) which incorporates your child’s Next Steps.  All children when they first come to the setting will have in place a ‘Settling in PLOD’  this is to ensure they feel safe and   secure before anything else.  After a six week period Your child’s Key Person, having observed your child, will produce his/her Next Steps in line with their developmental needs.  Our PLOD system is a very user friendly format which allows everyone to track each child’s developmental needs.  Your Key Person will explain this to you in more detail once everyone has settled into nursery.




All staff are subject to a criminal check called Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS)

We have robust recruitment procedures in place, and all staff have regular appraisals, training on an ongoing basis, and Annual Health / Fit for Work Declarations.


Staffing levels as set  by Ofsted        2 to 3 years 1:4                      3 to 4 years 1:8



Use of Students and Volunteers: The Nursery welcomes students from local colleges and schools. Who will have a DBS clearance through college.


We also welcome parents and / or volunteers who we  obtain a DBS clearance for.  None the less, Students, parents and volunteers are supervised by staff at all times and are never left alone with    children.