Safeguarding and Child Protection along with Duty of Care are key elements to providing Child care. Our Safeguarding Lead Practitioner is the Nursery Manager and our Deputy Safeguarding Practitioner is the Deputy Manager.  Both are full trained in advance Safeguarding matters.  We have robust      written, approved policies and procedures on Safeguarding children and all aspects of Nursery life.  A full set of our   policies can be located by the main entrance which you are free to look at any time.  Or you may  request a set of copies on CD Rom or stick.




We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our wonderful Nursery, hopefully in the very near future.  Without exception, all our children and parents have a warm relationship with staff members and many parents have commented on how professional and exceptional Methwold Nursery staff are.


All our staff work well as a team and are highly qualified. In addition they all hold certificates in Child Protection, First Aid, Introduction to Early Years Foundation Stage, and regularly attend training courses such as Communication Friendly Spaces, Learning in the Outdoor Environment, Letters and Sounds, Parents in Partnership, EYFS Observation, Assessment and Planning,  to name but a few.  All courses attended are to ensure that staff skills are maintained and up to date.  Staff have regular Appraisals to ensure they are meeting their job description and working in line with the EYFS.  


All our staff will do their very best to ensure that you and your child are happy with your decision, should you choose our nursery.  Please rest assured that if there is anything you are not sure about, however 'silly' you may feel your question is, please ask us.  We have all been there, as the majority of our staff are also parents, at varying stages and fully understand your concerns - after all, your child is the most precious feature in your life and we understand and respect that!

Janet Lamport                   




Safeguarding, Policies and Procedures

“Having read our Prospectus, I hope Parent/Carers will have a better understanding about the role and impact a Nursery has in every child’s early years and perhaps a new found appreciation that Nursery School is not just a baby sitting service! 


Government cut backs mean reduced Health Visitors and Social Workers.  Family        separation means greater distance between relatives, lack of family support leading to  isolation, often running in parallel with  financial burden.  But, perhaps the biggest culprit to erode lives is, ironically, technology.  Technology has abbreviated communicating skills,  occupied and in turn restricted our time whilst  replacing role-modelling.  Therefore, technology has taken over key elements that every child needs in their early years.  These        elements are changing the way children are brought up and in turn puts greater reliance on  Nurseries and Nursery Practitioners.  


To ensure the best possible outcome for children who attend Nursery Schools can be summed up in two words; Quality Staff!  Limited staff turnover provides consistency and security for children,  strong management ensures the high level of staff qualifications and good staff/child ratios ensures staff can be effectively deployed to concentrate on the job in hand; outstanding childcare.” Janet Lamport